Dva Vovky

Dva Vovky (Two Wolves) is a production team specializing in the development
and production of short animated films, video ads, and animated series
(2D and 3D animation), documentaries, as well as motion graphics projects.


The existence of the world is an infinite unity and struggle of opposites for the sake of constant movement and growth, harmony and life.

The object’s true essence is revealed only when you look at it from different angles. While dealing with projects, we strive to look at the tasks as comprehensively and objectively as possible. This allows us to analyze them more deeply during the creative process and increase our efficiency.

Our philosophy is very simple: there are no separate opposing sides, only different sides of the same component, which cannot exist without each other.

Colleagues and everyone interested in animation!

In February 2021, we finished work on the short animated film Slowny. In this article, we want to share our useful experience and findings that were used or found while working on the film.


The animated series Parables of the Nations is a screen version of the most famous parables, which are the common asset and heritage of all mankind. Parables are a time-tested bundle of wisdom and experience. Due to their allegorical form, parables are very convenient and a rather unique way of communicating with the children’s audience. The audience of the series is 4+, so all stories have a narrative-fantastic form. Each episode is a story about one of the important human concepts, such as Good, Evil, Happiness, Love, Friendship, Money, etc.

Showreel 2021


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We’ve got experience


This is more than 20 years of work in the field of computer graphics and animation.

And we are not standing still


We are constantly learning and developing, and each new project enriches our experience.

We value your time


We calculate the terms of work for each project individually and diligently.

We are responsible


We understand well the importance of each creative task and are aware of our responsibility for its implementation.












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